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Romain Duris
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Born on May 28, 1974 in Paris, son of an engineer, architect father, Duris studied arts at university. He was noticed in the street by a casting director whilst waiting in a queue in 1993 and offered a part in the 1994 Cédric Klapisch film Le péril jeune.  

Romain Duris

Romain DurisHis sister is pianist Caroline Duris, who performs on the soundtrack of the 2005 film The Beat That My Heart Skipped (French: De battre mon cœur s'est arrêté).

Before going into acting, he started an acid-jazz band where he was a drummer.

Romain Duris is most famous for his role as Xavier Rousseau in The Spanish Apartment and The Russian Dolls. He has a reputation for versatility, having played a French student in Spain, a thug, a bandit and a homosexual.

His current girlfriend is the actress Olivia Bonamy with whom he has a son, Luigi (born February 10, 2009).

Appealing actor Romain Duris is the exact example of those who arrived in the movie industry by chance, and to stardom without really desiring it. Discovered by a casting director while he was waiting in front of a high school in Paris, he was offered a role. Between popular successes such as "Good old daze", "Dobermann", "Tom thumb"

"The Spanish apartment" or "Arsene Lupin", and independent


films like "17 times Cecile Cassard", "Exiles", "Gadjo Dilo", "Being light", "Already dead" or "When the cat's away", Duris proves to be versatile enough to be credible as bandit, as an homosexual, or simply as a french student in the streets of Barcelona. The consecration has been "De Battre Mon Coeur S'Est Arrete"; now Duris is seen as an excellent and touching actor by the critics and by the audience.

Romain Duris  

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Romain Duris