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One city for gays over 50

Develop a city in the U.S. designed for elderly gays

Palms of Manasota in the state of Florida is the only American community especially developed for gays and lesbians over 50 years. The houses cost a bit more than in other cities.

Gay communityPalms of Manasota ( is the first "gated community" (in English, "gated community") throughout the United States. Located southwest of the state of Florida is very much like any of the many cities protected retired from years ago, flourished in the state. Everything is green, the streets are clean, the water comes from sources their citizens and reflect serenity. A real "Truman Show" in the eyes of anyone. Nothing to differentiate Palms of Manasota its similar if not the first, but surely not the last, of real estate designed for the gay and lesbian elderly.

In the U.S. between 1 and 3 million gay people over 65 years. This means that, in 2030, when 1 in 5 Americans has more than 65 years, there will be 4 million gay seniors. According to John De Leo, director of the California Real Estate Development Shaman, that means that in the next 20 years, over 60 thousand buyers of real estate properties in demand Palms and other gay communities. There are currently about 12 projects that gay cities in the next 5 years, they should sprout in the vicinity of Boston, on the east coast, and Arizona in the Midwest. And the mailings to potential stakeholders and add thousands of names.

While in southwest Florida, there are several campgrounds for motor homes exclusively for lesbian, Palms is the only American community that opens its doors to homosexuals of both sexes. There, a small house, nothing special, double rooms and two bathrooms, cost about 160 thousand dollars, something more than they would have to pay for itself in any heterosexual community. The difference, nothing substantial was autojustifica away: in addition to services available to all cities in Palms, HIV carriers, AIDS patients and their partners get health care specialist. And above all, containment and companionship.

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A study by the Brookdale Center on Aging, Hunter of the University of New York, USA, only 1 in 5 elderly gay couple and is only 1 in 10 had children. By contrast, almost half the elderly population has a companion or partner, and 4 out of 5 with children. Many homosexuals have chosen to settle in Palms because the weather is nice, but above all because they suffered the hardships and marginalization in other cities. "It certainly is not like a family of blood. It is, rather, a family by choice, in which people are cared for each other," said Joy Silver, president of RainbowVision Properties, the British magazine The Economist. "

"(A community) where we can be who we are, love who we love and laugh at our own games," says the website of Our Town (, a proposed gated community for gays who is pursuing the real estate developer Lundberg Group. For now, only the Palms, with its 21 condominiums and houses inhabited by 40 or 50 gay and 50 to 80 years go down in history as the first generation of the first gay city on the planet. And that will always be grateful to Bill Laing, the former psychology professor who had retired the idea and who died in 2000 at the age of 70, when the first houses were built.

Now the future of Palms of Manasota is in the hands of one of the heirs of Laing, above all, their enthusiastic people, who aspire to convene shortly to 250 other people and expand their community to round up a square kilometer of surface . Today, in Palms, old gays feel so comfortable that even, some are reconsidering that despised bourgeois ideas in his youth, including the style "kitsch", which field in the homes of their parents when they exercised emerging alternative to their sexuality hidden. Of course, always, with Laing's motto: "Become a model for others and make our city a respectable place."

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