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Alejandro Fernandez

The beginning of this story has been told many times. The boy, barely six years old, is urged onstage to sing alongside his superstar father. The boy has rehearsed his part, he knows it well, but faced with a sea of tens of thousands of faces, he gets frightened. And for well over a decade he never sings in public again.


What happens next has also been told. The boy grows up, studies architecture, and somewhere down the line discovers that what once terrified him is the only thing that can now satisfy him.

In 1992, Alejandro Fernández released his debut, self-titled album, launching one of the most prolific, successful and memorable careers in Latin music. Since then, the son of legendary ranchera singer Vicente Fernández has done what few progeny of famous parents have ever been able to achieve: He’s followed in his father’s footsteps, but at the same time, he’s carved out his own, separate path, releasing 15 albums and selling more than 12 million
copies along the way thanks to a magnificent, velvety voice and an unparalleled stage presence. With stage fright long forgotten, Alejandro has even forayed into film, most recently portraying Mexican hero Zapata in the acclaimed film by Oscar-winning director Alfonso Arau (“Like Water for Chocolate).

While most Latin acts talk about crossovers from Spanish to English, Alejandro is one of only a handful of artists that have managed to become a superstar by crossing over from the world of traditional ranchera music to the world of pop. That duality began in 1997 with “Me Estoy Enamorando,” a collaboration with producer Emilio Estefan that sold 3 million copies worldwide and established Alejandro as an international star.

  Alejandro Fernandez

In 2004 A Corazón Abierto reunites Alejandro with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Kike Santander, who penned his greatest hits from “Me Estoy Enamorando.” But it also finds him singing the songs of a bold new generation of songwriters, including Gian Marco (Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan), Leonel García—one half of pop duo Sin Bandera--, Reyli Barba (former member of pop band Elefante) and Mexican group Tres de Copas.

A Corazón Abierto is about love, but it’s hardly a staid album. Quite the opposite. Under the guidance of producers Kike Santander and Aureo Baqueiro (Sin Bandera), the sound of this record is taken beyond the traditional and is an album rich in instrumentation—rippling guitars, flowing strings and mariachi lines—that treads on folk, rock and ranchera elements with organic ease and conviction. The superb emotional and musical interpretations are the clincher.

At times exuberant, A Corazón Abierto can also be an album of subtle understatement, unafraid to bare the singer in every sense of the word.

“Romanticism is something that will never die,” says Alejandro Fernández, explaining his choice of songs on A Corazón Abierto, his breakthrough recording about lost love, love that is never forgotten and the capacity to always love again.

“I’m super, ultra passionate. We’re releasing an album that’s an x-ray of myself. That’s why it’s titled A Corazón Abierto. It was something very honest. Not naked, but something deeper than that.”


In 2005 Alejandro launches MEXICO MADRID EN DIRECTO Y SIN ESCALAS (Mexico - Madrid Nonstop). Featuring l3 tracks including one new song, MEXICO MADRID EN Y DIRECTO SIN ESCALAS is Fernandez at his best - live and in concert! " Produced by Aureo Baquiero (A Corazon Abierto) and filmed earlier this year in front of a live audience at Spain’s Palacio de Congresos IFEMA, the production features Fernandez performing some of his biggest hits accompanied by a 28-piece orchestra and some of Spain’s most important voices on three of the songs: Amaia of La Oreja de Van Gogh joins him on the “Me dedique a perderte” ; Malu duets with him on “Contigo Aprendi”, and flamenco star Diego Cigala and Fernandez perform a moving version of Como quien pierde una estrella, accompanied on cajon by famed Flamenco guitarist Niño Josele .

" Un concierto inolvidable, muy íntimo, mágico y especial", said Fernandez that night. MEXICO MADRID DIRECTO SIN ESCALAS also includes super-exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage filmed during rehearsals and during the concert. The production includes an innedit song “Todo”, which was written especially for this album by Sin Bandera’s Leonel García. The album is a great meeting between the country of Spain and Mexico’s greatest pop and traditional voices; Alejandro Fernandez is the best of both worlds and never compromises in either.
In the hands of a prodigious singer, the results are stunning.
Alejandro Fernández is definitely all grown up and the future is his. 

Alejandro Fernandez video premieres Bandit, a clip according to the office of "The Colt" will give plenty to talk about their hot scenes. (I really was boring, very good picture quality, nice leather clothes, but lejisimo to be hot and with no rhythm in the strings, a penalty)
Within the frame of the visual work will see three-way fight for the love of Alexander, all in an atmosphere inspired by Westerns and Westerns.
Moreover, also the music video of me so well, in which Alejandro Fernandez embodies a Nascar series pilot, a love triangle and the speed of racing are part of a story that combines love, frustration and adrenaline.

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Alejandro Fernandez