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Gay Hip hop!. "What's wrong with gettin' dirty if you clean up well??" sneers two-time Outmusic Award nominee Johnny Dangerous with a sexy raised brow on his explosive single, "Dirty Is The New Black."

Johnny Dangerous

It's a slogan that fits the self- described faggot MC like a luscious pair of buttery leather pants, lyrics delivered with the trademark slippery ease that catapulted him into cult status within the gay community in part thanks to heavy rotation on the LOGO Network.

This recent success has led America's favorite queer rapper to take on the rest of the world, coming as no surprise to those who've followed him since his days on New York's first-ever Peace Out Homohop Festival, the widely publicized first ever Homo-Revolution Tour and since appearing in the pages of URB Magazine, The Advocate, Unzipped, Instinct, Attitude and more.


And now, for the best news: The Chicago-based entertainer's new album has finally dropped! White Hot channels vintage Beastie Boys, Salt-N-Pepa and J. J. Fad, and unfortunately for the haters, our potty-mouthed protagonist has not gone soft in the least!

Johnny DangerousJohnny tackles the issues within his own experiences with censorship, the gay media, the War, suburban swingers and cheating lovers -- the latter done superbly on the cheeky first single "Take Your Man."
All this brazen confidence and blazing wit adds up to a dirty electro-pop rap sound that frames Johnny's sexified rhymes like a moustache on a 70s adult movie star.

It sounds as if Johnny's the ying to famous dirty-girl Peaches' yang but brings to the table more booty-bouncingbeats. In fact, if the JohnnyDangerous sound were personified, you'd find him in a dark alley behind Bloomingdale's five minutes before lights-out with a smirk on his face and a hand in his pocket.


Yessir, this is the original bad boy of homo-hop ready to reinvent himself as the X-rated hip-pop star he's meant to be, and he's not asking anyone nicely to please move their ass aside. "I'm not a hip hop artist, I'm an entertainer who happens to rap. My lyrics are raw, my music is hot, and my message is honest," Johnny says. "Whether you love me or hate me, I'm a rockstar, cunt! I do what I want!"

Typically in video clips of songs from Hip Hop voluptuous girls are dancing around the singer in sexy poses. In the case of Johnny Dangerous guys are hovering and tongue.

'Hotline' is the fifth video clip from Johnny Dangerous, a gay hip hop singer and his song just hotter, which means that this is a video of something hot tone.


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