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Maracaibo is the second important city of Venezuela. Zulia State capital, is home to the first extraction of oil, one of the most important livestock production in the country, dairy and guardian of the lake largest in South America: Lake Maracaibo.

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With regard to the gay sorry to say that Maracaibo is a city with much acceptance to the GLBT lifestyle. The reasons are manifold, since it is a very regionalistic people, rooted in the traditions even say that "macho man are not as cosmopolitan as Caracas. Anyway I want to mention that if the few places you can visit. The majority of gay life marabina is in the Bella Vista Avenue, not only for those who wish to cruising but for others wishing to rumba.

Tasca Union: Located in the Bella Vista Avenue and Calle 84, next to the building of the Tourism Corporation of Zulia (CORPOZULIA) is a cocktail bar with a moderate to dance. Has gone through numerous renovations since being a top dive and a den of malandro literally a gay site very nice. It works like riding club during the day and as a gay bar in the evenings on weekends. He has always been under the administration of the same family of Italian and boast of being the site of gay longest still operating in Venezuela.

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The music is varied and quite good in general, always prevails Reggaetón and Electronics. Has no darkroom, is a second level and by ordinance of the municipality all clubs must close at 3 am, this is the only entrance that remains open until 6 am and we usually crowded.
Big House: Located in the basement level of the Mall Angel Falls, the site is already in its version 2.0 and its new management this place has a lot to the track, a long bar and good electronic music (with Reggaetón their set).

The Bartenders are usually descamisados bar and almost always offer free beer all night. Big House has always given height in order to bring its audience to some of show business personalities and have enjoyed the visit of Venezuelan singer Karina and Lila Morillo, the site lends itself to large events and theme parties private.
It has no darkroom.
Boodoo Lounge: Gay Disco located in the basement level between Costa Verde Shopping Center, this site is famous for its theme parties and their environment full of people very happy and lively. La mayor parte del local es la pista de baile, pero suele llenarse rápido así que recomendamos hacer llegada temprano entre 11 y 12 am para evitar conseguirlo atestado de gente. Most of the premises is the dancefloor, but often filled fast so I recommend you arrive early between 11 and 12 am to avoid get crowded.


When it opened the site had a darkroom, but had to be eliminated because of the idiosyncrasies of the local destructive marabina that was just awaiting to see who entered and mounted the venomous comments. Pity, because Boodoo emerges as the most chic of the city are always trying to innovate to provide the best for our community, always done parties whose funds are on hand to charities and support groups fighting HIV / AIDS .

Maracaibo pride Yong Set: This karaoke bar is famous for having beers at a great price, and although it is not a gay website as such, is very open to gay clientele, who like to "heat engines" before sharing the different sites heteros and gays in the city. Often a meeting place and is visited by people straight. It is located at the roof of the Costa Verde Shopping Center, and has ample parking in front lot is full on Fridays and Saturdays but the tumult of people disappear for 12 am. A lot of bears and many people do not stop taking any of his homosexual status, because it is an ambiguous site to be visited by different types of people.
Cruising: Maracaibo has become a city with a certain level of danger, not so much as Caracas, but we must take very careful when out at night. Attention should be given where it's going if one wants to go alone, always try to go for well-lit streets with many pedestrians. Perhaps for this reason we do not recommend full nowhere cruising enthusiasts can wander, however if there are many places where you can do anything if you have good eyes to catch something.

The Town Center could be considered red zone, long ago, the area that now comprises the Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Rosario Chiquinquira the front of the Basilica was a zone ligue quite effective, but very dangerous
Other areas are in the Bella Vista Avenue between July 5 and Doctor Portillo (77 and 78 Streets), where after 9 pm stop many kids waiting for a "chance" of someone in a passing car and collected by So we call it in Zulia as "Chance" and who does it as "chancero.

For all along the Boulevard of July 5 from the Bella Vista Avenue until you reach 15 Ave (Las Delicias) also can be a little chanceo, you can see the chanceros looking furtively at passing cars and making gestures to the respective catch something.

Public toilets and Facilities: There are several shopping malls where they could catch something, but unlike many countries are suspicious if Maracaibo with men in the bathrooms of the mall, the doors of the cubicles are cut to facilitate the work of guards that seem to work only to catch those individuals who seek some sexual play. It is considered risky and not always very effective, but if it happens. Commercial Center known for cruising the bathrooms in the Mall Galleries, located on Avenida La Limpia.


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