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Gay Benidorm Guide

Benidorm Costa Blanca Spain is located in the Alicante region. Already in the 1950s in Benidorm is still a small village of fishing families; and a new paradise Gay.


The Mayor then took the idea of going to Madrid and ask the dictator Franco to end the ban on bikinis.  Surprisingly Franco lifted the ban and the rest is history.  Benidorm is one of the most successful tour of equipment in the world.

Gay beachs BenidormBenidorm is easily accessible from all European cities mayor, most within 3 hours of flight.  The number of tourists spending their holidays in Benidorm has reached 4.5 million in recent years. During the summer months, the largest group of visitors are young Europeans seeking beach during the day and all night.

The skyline of Benidorm is now its mark with a lot of skyscrapers to accommodate large numbers of visitors at once.  Although most recent visitors to Benidorm on the Costa Blanca in Spain, never leave the city during your stay you can simply go a little inside to see the real Spanish countryside.

Benidorm offer these days hundreds of hotels and bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs making it one of the hottest places to be visited during summer by young people, especially gays.

The amount of different types of entertainment in Benidorm has no limits. .. Everything that comes to mind ..  You will find it in Benidorm.  .. From a sample class or a gay bar .. The beach is superb, with all kinds of activities available.

If you get tired of the beach has the largest theme park Terra Mitica up the hill from Spain. Please note that during the months of July and August the temperature often reaches 40 º C.



It is said that Benidorm has the highest concentration of skyscrapers in the world outside of Manhattan. It would not halt construction in Benidorm. Skyscrapers continue to appear and also the real estate prices are climbing with them.

Benidorm old town is still worth visiting. The historical center is located on both sides of the Canfali point, with a white stone balcony and a veranda. The neoclassical church dedicated to St. James the Apostle is also located in the old town of Benidorm.

For many people in Benidorm is the worst example of how tourism can destroy a small city, but it is also true that without the tourism industry in Benidorm many people would be without his work, including many foreigners who have settled here. Restaurants, bars, hotels, real estate offices, car rental companies employ many people in and around Benidorm which may be unemployed if not for the tourist.

LondonBenidorm on the Costa Blanca in Spain is much more than the beach to see and enjoy.

Terra Mitica - Spain the biggest theme park in the outskirts of Benidorm. The park is the ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and the Islands and lost civilizations, besides a great thrill rides and shows and street entertainment.

Aqualandia - A 5 minutes drive from the center of the city of Benidorm is a great wealth of water, with a different slide and swimming pool within a beautiful garden.

Mundomar-Aqualandia features about marine life and a park with animals of all sorts of colorful creatures.

The dock at the port of Playa de Poniente is the place to book trips to Benidorm Island were the boats through glass bottom you can see the local marine life. Incluye brema, pez luna, barracudas, pulpos, morenas, corales de colores y langostas y cangrejos. Includes bream, sunfish, barracudas, octopus, moray eels, coral crabs and lobsters and colors.

Guadalest Fortress is perfect for a daytrip interior. The view from the ancient Arabic fort (built in 715) is impressive. Tons of souvenirs to buy!

Only 11 kilometers from the coast is also worth taking the trip is Wile Limón Express north to the town of Gata. The trip runs through beautiful lemon and olive trees. Gata city is famous for its production of wicker, hats, chairs and baskets.

Nightlife in Benidorm

chicos en Bar gayIt is one of the best nightlife in the Mediterranean. The party starts right after sunset and continues until dawn. It is full of clubs, discos, cabarets and bars. If the holidays is something you want, this is the place for you!

The Benidorm Palace to the north of the city is the place for top international cabaret acts from around the world. In addition to flamenco dancing shows. Tickets for dinner and drinks with entertainment at reasonable prices. Many small clubs and pubs also have shows. Here you can enjoy the fun for the price of their drinks.

In Levante beach is where most of the bars. All tastes are served. From ballroom dancing to sex.

KM Disco Jardín es uno de las más grandes y populares clubes nocturnos, con 12 bares y una impresionante iluminación y láser. KM Disco Garden is one of the largest and most popular nightclubs, bars and 12 with an impressive light and laser.

Top Of The Pops in Avenida Almeria is another hot spot for nightclubs.

Gigolo disk without fee is also a very popular place.

Tons of other places as Rockefeller's Fun Club, Lennons in Calle Mallorca, Bahamas and the Hippodrome nightclub Fun Club and many more.

Benidorm Gay:

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