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Bangkok guide Gay

Bangkok, like the rest of Thailand is generally a very gay. It also has great nightlife, great restaurants to keep even the most demanding of visitors happy. There are several hotels, guesthouses, bars and clubs that cater to the gay and lesbian clients around the world.Los Thai people are very tolerant and welcoming of gay people and offer a very relaxed and comfortable for our community


For Bangkok Gays and lesbians can be fun, mischievous, refined or private, depending on what you prefer.

There are places discreet massage in Bangkok, or some lively bars and places of go-go boys.

Others prefer spas and restaurants tasteful that occur in a warm, very gay.

Ladyboys just wanna have fun - a colourful side to Bangkok's gay sceneWherever you go, it is unlikely that Thais and foreigners make you feel uncomfortable.

Thailand has a larger population than usual in gay community, as they are readily accepted. It is the feminine side of society and for many Thai boys find it much easier to "get out" in this country, particularly in Bangkok.

Then there is the famous ladyboys which adds a fun character to the gay community. Most of the boys are more ladies' men "(most can not afford the full operation as a woman), but are equally well at home, with women and men. They often are associated with the two men, gay and hetero and always ready for a feast. They can be very acsesibles, but you must always take good care of you.

The Tawana Ramada Hotel and Montien have a small but loyal group of followers are gay and in good areas of the city for exploration and access. The Aquarius Guesthouse Bangkok is the only hotel exclusively gay. The rooms are clean if something simple here. Also on that actively promotes within the gay and lesbian community is Baan Siri Rama Place.

Ladyboys just want to have fun - a colorful side of the gay scene in Bangkok

Some restaurants Bangkok frequented by gay and lesbian communities Harmonique, Cabbages and Condoms and Old Dutch.Los visitors are confident that they will find good food and pleasant company at any of these establishments. Eat Me, with its friendly atmosphere, decoration and art industrial landlord and his staff are gay.



After sundown, Bangkok has a lot to give visitors to see and do.

Many gays and gayfriendlys tourists are often shocked and excited by the openness and friendliness of Bangkok in the gay scene. The main places of concentration of homosexuals is on Silom Road Soi 4. Bars with outdoor terraces line the streets and saunas here are well designed and clean.

Algunos bares de esta zona son con teléfono y Pub Restaurante, en donde la mesa conteléfonos le permiten hablar con cualquiera de los otros invitados, la Freeman Dance Arena, que acoge ordinario de espectáculos de cabaret y DJ estación, una gran discoteca popular son alborotados por Thai and foreigners.

Reality Entertainment Bar is a friendly place and occupied, with the popular crowd and gym also contains a good shop above the bar.

Some notable saunas and massages are barracks in Babylon Sauna Ngamduplee Soi 54, Rama IV Road (tel: 02679 7984), Arena Silom Plaza, Silom Road (tel: 02635 3645) and Aqua Spa Club 11/15 Soi Sathorn 9 ( tel: (02) 286 5233).

Coffee Society is another gay coffee pure lies at the railway station Sky Soi between 4 and 2. Besides being a great place to see people, they serve very good coffee and Internet access is available free.

Heaven is another popular spot near the Silom Road. It is a sauna, which contains a very nice roof garden and receiving private rooms.

In the area of Sukhumvit Road, there are also a number of places for gays and lesbians. Hero sauna, a sauna market, it contains a hall of a large waterfall and spa. The Sauna Beach Resort and Club Gent are also popular places in Bangkok.

There are a good number of gay go-go bars Sukhumwit in the Bangkok area. The Soi 7 is the Men's Club, in Soi 11 is the Big Boy Cocktail Lounge and Soi 21 is Jet Set. Some notable buildings saunas and massage are Hero Men's Fitness Club in Soi 11, The Banana Fitness Club in Soi 11 and Massage Nobody in Sukhumwit 25.

The Siam Ratchadamri is an area much smaller than Silom or Sukhumwit, but still harbors some interesting gay-friendly entertainment. The gypsy Pub and Restaurant on Soi Ari 2 (tel: (02) 656 7131) is a great place to eat and enjoy the atmosphere, and there are two notable saunas; Chakran Sauna in 32 Soi Ari 4 (tel: (02) 279 1359) and the V Club Massage at 52 / 1 Soi Ari (tel: (02) 279 3322).

Places friendly in Bangkok

Being much smaller and private, by their nature, the lesbian scene is more restricted to private groups and meetings in private homes. The Bangkok lesbian growd was generally welcomed in most places gay and their choices are limited to a number of places mixed. Sukhumvit Soi 4 is the area of gay fashion in Bangkok, but perhaps a bit busy for some, and often a little full of 'hetero'. Hard Disk near Silom Soi 2 (tel: (02) 234-6151) is the closest mixed gay club, popular with Thais and foreigners with good music and atmosphere.

The biggest selection is probably in the Sukhumvit road. Mambo (Sukhumvit Soi 31, tel: 06620 4413), is a mixed caberet place that can be fun to go in the same lane grupo.En Thumb is lively with most lesbians is popular on Fridays. Nearby is the most down to earth Relax (Sukhumvit, soi 23), a karaoke restaurant with a mixed crowd.

Perhaps the most pleasant place for people older lesbians is fun kitchen (1 st Floor, Dutchess Plaza, 289 Sukhumvit Soi 55, tel: (02) 3810861), who is busy on Saturday night with its live music

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