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Parties in Gay Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The island was "discovered" by hippies in the 1960s. Today the idyllic island with its gentle rolling green hills and mild sunny beaches are magnificent, and the Mediterranean light is constant.


Ibiza Town, the islands capital, also known locally as Eivissa, is a fairytale city with its Old Town (D'Alt Vila) at the top of a hill overlooking the harbour, surrounded by ancient walls. D'Alt Vila is Europe's most ancient fortress city with a history going back to the Phoenicians and Romans. The Old City at night is a sexual fantasyland for gays, with many bars, discos and clubs. Ibiza attracts jet setters, celebrities and people from the fashion industry, and of course a large number of gays and lesbians.

There are two busy gay nude beaches in Ibiza: Es Cavallet (exclusively gay) and Las Salinas. Both are located south of Ibiza town. You can reach the beach by bus that leaves from Ibiza Town every 30 minutes. The gay scene in Ibiza is mostly geared to gay males, but some of the bars are mixed. Most of the gay bars are located in the Old Town or near the Port in or around the famous Calle de la Virgen "Gay Street".

Ibiza partyIbiza has some of the best gay and gay friendly beaches, restaurants; night life and 'old town' scenery in Europe. All helping to make Ibiza one of the world's great gay holiday destinations. So if you are hanging on to the sensationalist naff reporting of the excesses of the San Antiono's 'West End' as an excuse not to visit the Island, get over it. Ibiza Town and the Dalt Vila provide exactly the opposite, in abundance.

This Ibiza travel guide is in it's 9th year and includes just about everywhere that you will receive a warm welcome. We have tried to provide candid reviews and realistic descriptions of places and people who will make your holiday in Ibiza a memorable one.

The area is gay Calle de la Virgen, multiple terraces, shops, clothing stores gay, is located near Disco Gay Anfora. The most famous clubs include parties for gays, which incidentally are the most popular: Fake Im Famous (David Ghetta), Pacha, Scandal (erotic gay porn).



The more Gay Space is after hour: Your holidays are gay: Matinee and La Troya. The day also exists on the island, the beach, the sea and the sun: Chiringay, on the beach "Es Cavallet" considered a paradise on earth for gays, and Cala boom more quiet to relax in the sun naked.

Ibiza club Gay

In Ibiza is Es Cavallet, a beach that is the wonderful translation of a gay paradise on earth, and nudist gay entirely, but although it is the most beautiful and most frequented by gays and lesbians, is not alone in there .

Many tourists do what here is called gay tour, which is to visit one after another, some of the most possible (subject to the stomach and stamina money) from the most famous gay establishments, more fashionable, more renowned. This tour begin with a dinner at the Plaza de Vila, a typical Mediterranean plaza that concentrates the most varied and exquisite restaurants for gays and lesbians on the island. Among them: The turret, The olive or Dalt Vila.

All of this in regard to the march, but the island also has many lodgings that allow gays, who want to enjoy the sun, the pool and a calm atmosphere. Many of them are very luxurious, are close to the beach and have all comodidas imaginable.

For example, House Alexio (0034 971314249) is a quiet place but it is very close to the area of environment and the beach.

The farm is also Ibiza (0034 971301004) Can Romanica or (908 63 81 28) for those who want more power and tranquility relax in the mountains, far from everything.

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