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Guide Gay Recife Brazil

Such is the case of Recife, capital of Pernambuco in Brazil, which to show their desire to welcome gay, Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau , an association that brings together companies and organizations linked to the tourism sector, developed a campaign "Friendly GLSBT - Pernambuco sympathize with you", which distributes, a distinctive gay-friendly tourism in the establishments that are deemed ready to welcome the gay community.

  Recife Gay  

Ibiza Town, the islands capital, also known locally as Eivissa, is a fairytale city with its Old Town (D'Alt Vila) at the top of a hill overlooking the harbour, surrounded by ancient walls. D'Alt Vila is Europe's most ancient fortress city with a history going back to the Phoenicians To be identified easily, the seal is a design of a rainbow gay symbol universal. So far, received the title Jangadeiro hotels, Marolinda Cult, the Museum of Contemporary Art, an air taxi company NVO, coffee station Cuatro Cantos, the Inn and Restaurant Four Cantos Patu Delicias del Mar. The last three in the city neighboring Olinda.

Firends Recife gay friendlyIn the city of San Pablo, adhesives also exhibit various premises for the same purpose, which is to disclose to the public is welcome GLSBT. The difference with respect to the label or marking of Recife, it is being strengthened by the Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau after the establishment in question passes all tests and training to perform.

The workshops run by the institution to guide those who come into contact with the public, not to cause any difficulties, problems, discrimination, etc., the gay visitor.In hotels for example, employees are trained to get in a natural way and without being surprised at the orders of the gay guests, stay as when two men asked a room with double bed, etc..

The President of RC & VB and the Brazilian Association of Hotel Industry, José Otávio Meira Lins, says that the initiative was taken as part of the recovery of the sector after a strong crisis seven years ago, when some 18 hotels were closed. So to attract tourists and money, the idea of preparing the sector and promote the city as welcoming to the public GLSBT.



Since its inception in November 2008, it is estimated that the institutions attached to the project had a 14% increase in number of gay tourists. In addition to the label "Friendly GLSBT - Pernambuco sympathize with you," the hotels are spread leaflets with routes options that provide 30 rides, with rides that are safe in all respects.

The idea of the stamp Friendly GLSBT, the brand is not as exclusively gay establishments, but to show that there are going to be welcome, who are trained to receive, ensuring that they will be treated like anyone else.

Bar RecifeBars

Kaso My Bar
R. R. Bispo Cardoso Ayres, 04 - Boa Vista - Tel: 81 - 3223-0921
Dance, live music. Drag shows.

Bar S
Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 324 - Graças - (81) 99272149
Descoladex environment, com cmenus seafood.

UK Pub
Rua Francisco da Cunha, 165 - Boa Viagem
Closed Sunday.

Livre Arbitrio
Rua Almeida Cunha, 95 - Boa Vista. Tel: (81) 9605.9022 and 9912.5512
Every day from half-day
Total friendly.

Bar do Barão (Kibe)
Av. Herculano Bandeira, 241 - Pina. Tel: (81) 3465.9626
Daily from 11am
Bar popular with varied menu.

Anjo Solt
Av Herculano Bandeira, 513 - Recife. Tel: (81) 3325.0862
Daily from 11am
A small bar for which all the gays.

Rua São José da Coroa Grande, 190 - Pau Amarelo. Tel: (81) 3436.7529 / 8837.7479 / 8853.0167
Daily starting 15h
Com ótimo DESCOL a bar for a happy hour atmosphere.


R. R. das Ninfas, 125 - Boa Vista - Tel: 81- 3423-0123
Badal Clube and bustling. Com programação Eclética, MPB plays no bar and lounge House, Tribal, Electro e na tion main runway.

Ponto G
R. R. 21 de Abril, 955 - Afogados - Tel: 81 - 3088-5452 e 8829-5067
Mistura de bar e dancing club. Mixture of bar and club dancing.

Meet Music & Lounge
Rua Coronel Juca, 273 - Varjota. Tel: (85) 8806.5537
The best pop and electronica.

Saunas cines xx

Club 111
Rua Corredor do Bispo, 111 - Boa Vista - Tel: 3223-5883
It operates daily between 15h00 às 23h00.
On Sundays the place buzzes to the beat, dance with free beer.

Thermas Blue
Rua José Domingos da Silva, 147 - Boa Viagem - Tel: 3462-3707
From Sunday to Thursday, 15h00 às 23h00
Dry and steam sauna, dance and american bar. Particularly in the South Area of Recife.

Thermas Boa Vista
R. R. Dom Manoel Pereira, 63 - Boa Vista -Tel: 3423-3404
Sauna Badal, with shows at the weekend, Friday and Saturday and Sunday 22h00 to 20h00. Abre todos los dias. Open every day.

Recife GarotoCine Mix
R. R. da Soledade, 352 - Boa Vista - Tel: 3223-7050 to 10h à 0h.
Hetero theater, video room GLS, American bar, free cabines, Drake room, climate, leisure area ao ar livre, com som room environment. Shows, striptease and explicit sex.

Recife Garoto Imperador
R. R. do Imperador, 452 - Santo Antônio - Tel: 3424 9317
Filmes brasileiros e internacionais, com banheiro e Lanchonete cabines.

R. R. da Saudade, 240 - Boa Vista - Tel: (81) 3221.2102
Daily from 11am das
Cinema well located and ideal for some ligues insurance.

LUX I and II
Av. Dantas Barreto, 1040 - Santo Antônio. Dantas Barreto Tel: (81) 3224.7253
Daily from 10am das
Térreo can not find heteros films and do not walk over gays.

Thermas Central
Rua 24 de Maio, 1.084. Tel: (85) 3252.3492
Daily das 15h às 23h

Thermas Via Centro
Rua Tristão Gonçalves, 744. Tel: (85) 3454.1499
Daily at 15h to 23h
Thermas movement, safe and clean is all the gays of Fortaleza.

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