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Guide Gay Rio de Janeiro day by day

Rio is everything you can expect from a Brazilian city: chaotic, steamy and vibrant. Rio de Janeiro is beautifully situated at the Atlantic coast around a coupe of bays and beaches which give you spectacular views on the city.

  Rio de Janeiro  

In one glance you can see the wealth of areas like Ipanema or Copacabana and the poverty of the surrounding favelas. It proofs how fascinating Rio de Janeiro can be.

The best areas to stay in Rio de Janeiro are the neighbourhoods of Copacabana or Ipanema. These are the wealthier areas in town and they offer the best shops, restaurants, hotels, gay bars and clubs. And on top, both areas have the most beautiful beaches in town. And Rio summers happen on the beach: just take your towel, your latest Speedo or AussieBum, little money and hit the sand.

Playa Gay  Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rio has quite a vibrant gay life and is famous for the New Years Eve celebrations at the Copacabana beach, the gay beach at Ipanema and of course the Rio Carnival, which is celebrated in the streets and in the massive Sambadrome.

Guide day by day

You can spend all Sunday at the beach. The Cariocas love to walk on the beach in Copacabana, Ipanema and Lagoa. After the beach you can go to Farme de Amoedo and spend time in slapping the "Barbies". The best disco tonight is 00, where you can relax and eat something rich in the "lounge". Another good option is Fosfobox place where the best of the latest alternative music, often with live music.

Usually Monday is a quiet night, everyone is recovering from the weekend. Begin the day with the auto-pilot to work. If you want a coffee, go to Caffeine and can see all the beautiful girls going. For girls, The Girl offers several DJ. Another option is to go Spazio and dancing the entire night.



After a relatively quiet Monday, you're ready for the party. One option is to visit the bars of Posto 6 and then continue towards Xtravaganza Le Boy, the best party on Tuesday. You can dance all night to the music more recently, to see a drag show, and sometimes there are "go-go boys."

You can eat and drink in the cup and then with music you can dance in various locations. If you like the music of the 80s, go to Spazio. For the other hand you have a Boy "Drag Show" (usually Suzy Brazil), "go-go boyz and a striptease. If you just want to relax and have a drink, go to the Bar d'Hotel in Leblon, where you can also enjoy an excellent dinner.

Thursday is the perfect day to start with a quiet night in Ipanema. About midnight, you can leave the Farme of Amoedo and walk one block to the Teixeira de Melo, to the Gallery. You can always have a drink at the bar or outside that you can go directly to the party that is in with DJ LC, who plays music from the 70s and 80s. Another option is to go to the Lady de Ferro, where music played "house" and an alternative, you must be attentive to special events.

Friday is the perfect day to Lapa, a neighborhood community GLS sympathizer with a wonderful atmosphere! You can eat something in Nova Capela, and then stay in the area pedestrian street Joaquim Silva, then transforms into a huge celebration in the streets: GLS, young and old, and Sambistas DJs, hip-hop and funk at the same time make this environment one of the most fascinating find.

On Saturday by finding should Baixo Leblon, a bohemian party GLS, with many restaurants and bars that continued till late.  You can explore Cazuza Square and then go to Gallery. Here is a lively celebration with DJ Dudu Candelot music playing "house."  Dama de Ferro offers a fun night with guest DJs, sometimes international. Muchas veces la música es “house” alternativa o techno. Often the music is "house" alternative or techno.

Rio de Janeiro - Le boyGaleria Cafe + Calle Teixera de Melo n31 Ipanema
Spazio + Calle Paul redfen 36, Ipanema
La Cueva + Calle Miguel Lemos 51, Copacabana
Le Boy + Calle Raul Pompeia 102, Copacabana
La Girl + Calle Raul Pompeia 102, Copacabana
Sorelle Marguerita + Calle Farme de Amoedo 65, Ipanema
Dama de Ferro + Calle Vinicius de Morais 288, Ipanema
A Casa da Lua + Calle Barão da Torre 240-A, Ipanema
The Copa + Calle Aires Saldanha 13-A, Copacabana
Blue Angel + Calle Cinco de Julho 15-B, Copacabana
Foxfobox + Calle Siqueira Campos 140 / 22-A, Copacabana
Zero-Zero + Calle Pe Leonel Franca 240, Planetário
Turma OK + Calle Resende 43, Lapa
Cabaret + Casa Nova - Av. Mem Sá 25, Lapa
Buraco de Lacrai + Calle Andre Cavalcanti 58, Lapa
Cine Ideal + Calle da Carioca 65, Centro

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