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Acapulco gay lifestyle


With sunny Pacific beaches wedged between clean waters and craggy mountains, Acapulco is popular with gays and straights alike.

  Acapulco mexico  

Though not always as revered as it once was (remember the days of the Love Boat?), this international port of call is still a famous stop for cruise ships, a growing spring break destination, and a hotspot for gay singles and gay couples. Acapulco gay travel rivals that of Cancun, Guadalajara, and of course, Mexico City.

Gay bars and clubs in Acapulco (as opposed to other Mexican cities) tend to be almost treacherously flamboyant and tacky places where people throw good taste to the Pacific port breeze while partying. Don’t expect anything that feels refined or upscale, as that’s not what Acapulco is about. You’ll find, more so than in American gay bars, that strippers are an almost ubiquitous fixture in Acapulco.



In terms of clientele, look for a healthy mix of locals, vacationing Mexican gays, and curious international travelers guzzling (not sipping) their margaritas. In other words, if I were to film a “Gays Gone Wild” video in Mexico, Acapulco would be my shooting location.

Oh, and in case you’re there to score with locals, remember that eye contact or light conversational touching between men in Mexico is not necessarily a sign of sexual interest. That said, you shouldn’t have any problems hooking up if that’s your goal.

Gay Bars and Clubs in Acapulco

Privada Piedra Picuda 17 (near Carlos & Charlie’s, a constantly busy straight bar)
744. 484. 1370
Considered by many to be one of the busiest and friendliest gay clubs in Acapulco, Demas is popular for strippers, attractive staff, and shirtless gyrating locals. If you’re not having a good enough time here, you can go nextdoor to Picante.

Privada Piedra Picuda 16
744. 484. 2209
Adjacent to Demas, Picante lives up to its name and provides a wide array of hot-n-spicy dancers, mostly Mexican in background. Demas and Picante are remarkably similar in clientele, probably due to their proximity. Lots of gay tourists stay at the nearby gay-operated hotels.

Calle Lomas de Mar 4
744. 484. 0421
Remember the Frankie Goes to Hollywood Song from the 80s? Remember what it was about? That’s what this club is all about, too: thumping rhythm and, well, sex. Popular for video-bar dancing and weekend shows, Relax is busiest on Saturdays. It also attracts a fair number of women, unlike the other gay bars in Acapulco.

Calle Juan de la Cosa 12 (near from Hotel Continental)
Known for late-night parties, Prince has a reputation among people who party with more than just alcohol and good nature, so beware of locals trying to sell you drugs (unless that is what you want). And even among gay bars, this place has a reputation for being a quick hookup spot before heading home.

There are a number of other gay bars in Acapulco, but these are four of the most established ones. If you are curious about other party places for gay travelers in Acapulco, try heading to one of these hotspots first and then asking about other venues.

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