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musculucacion piernasTo stimulate muscle growth, all you do in the gym should be directed towards producing a safe weight training, intense and gradual.

General warming

Start each workout with a general warming of non-impact exercises (exercise bike, stair simulator, etc..) Performed at low intensity for about 5 to 8 minutes. Then pass a series of 20 abdominal and 10 shrink to 20 extensions back to heat the middle section.

During this warming generally view the exercises you are going to do during the day. Remember that training is the only opportunity a day to stimulate your muscles. concentrate enough to save time


The best time to conduct your program is stretching after training. But before working with weights and after your warm-general, you can stretch any muscles that feel tight, especially if you feel the tension on only one side of the body (as in one femoral).


Symmetric flexibility is critical to perform the exercises in a symmetrical manner, carefully and slowly stretch a strained muscle until it reaches its normal degree of flexibility.

Fuel specific

Before you make your series of intensive training, do a specific warm-series and repetitions. If in doubt, it is always best to go to fall short. A warming too soon increases the chance of injury during heavy series, and not properly preparing the muscles and connective tissues (ligaments, tendons) to the hard work that follows. If you are willing to set a maximum. for example, 100 kilos in the squat, a heater for most of the culture must be 60 8 70 8 90 6 95 4 repetitions. Go to perfected the style as you go warmer. Rush you ever in your series and repetitions of heating.

Checking the equipment

No training would be productive if you Danais so. Never use equipment that may be dangerous. Before starting any series to check whether the collars are tightened, the cables in good condition, grab the insurance, banks are strong and stable.

Dress shoes that will provide a solid basis for training. Shoes should be firm and spongy soles and the heel will not have difficulty keeping your feet in position, especially when you squat, press, or dead weight. The soles have a good grip and a heel height. Do not use shoes with heels worn-producing deviations from the wrong way to exercise-and have always attached the cords while training.

Esfuerzo Effort

Although entrenéis with a hard, if you can do so even more. most builders will fall short in their series and are still able to make two or more extra repeats if they are really pushed. So reasons seriously, or have a training partner to encourage you to produce those extra repetitions that give you growth. To increase your motivation, you need to stop spreading your energy along a series of excess. Let the series in half the usual level and then concentrate your effort on the burden that you have set. And you will see what is the difference to your level of effort. High intensity provided by keeping your objective. Do not speak between sets. Depart from those who go to the gym to talk rather than to train hard. The talk is after the training. Avoid anything that distracts you from your goal of intensive training.


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