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Who does not want to despair, one of those perfect bodies the Go-Go Boys. While they seem to dance to bring happiness and sensual ecstasy, but it is an increasingly unattainable desire on the podium of the impossible,...

go go boys

Go-Go dancers are dancers who are employed to entertain crowds at a discotheque.The etymology of Go-Go can be in the name, one of whose meanings is "the power to go, energy, vigor." Or it may come from the names of nightclubs, which ultimately comes from the French à gogo, which means "in abundance, the abundance." word "gogo" also means "night" in Japanese, so literally a "dancer Go-Go" is one who dances at night.

On June 19, 1964, Carol Doda started go-go dancing topless at the Condor Club on Broadway and Columbus in North Beach in San Francisco neighborhod. She became the most famous go-go dancer at the age of 22.

The Go-go began to be engaged on a regular basis "whisky", "Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, in the Los Angeles area in July 1965. "The whiskey was also the first to have cages suspended from the ceiling with go-go boys.

Dancing manThe phrase Go-Go was approved by bars in the 1960's enTokio, Japan. It is of lesser reputation until he was abandoned by the majority of clubs and appropriated by the establishments striptease and burlesque, which in turn was known as go-go bars and the women who work there known as Go-Go dancers.

During the Vietnam War there were many go-go bars in Saigon, South Vietnam to entertain U.S. troops

There were many gay clubs with male go-go dancers (called go-go boys) for the period 1965-1968. After that, there were some gay go-go clubs until 1988, when the go-go again became fashionable in the dance clubs gay (and has remained so ever since).

The Go-Go Boys of nightclubs, have different specialties in the rave circuit, dances in costumes of bright colors (including glow sticks with the light of followers, toy pistols with rays of light, or strings of lights drums), with sticks of fire, or with a snake is called performance art. In the first half of the decade of 1980, I think this art dancer John Sex, who conducted with a python, I was popular once again for gay and bisexual men of nightclubs.




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