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Every body is different and therefore the whole body hair is different. Some have much, others have less, the colors are different and the characteristics too.


Some things to consider before shaving genitals

For example, some people will grow their hair from the body very quickly, while others will grow more slowly. For this reason, efforts to remove the pubic hair on a permanent basis can be easier and in some cases virtually impossible.

One thing is clear, however: unless it opts for the hair removal, shaving is something they need to do regularly - sometimes daily - if it wants to keep the skin completely smooth.

Another thing is that they need to invest in special products for the care and hair removal. What is desirable for other areas, such as the face, legs or armpits, it is not always convenient for the genital area. And that goes for men and women.
The shaving with razor

This option requires a daily exercise. Of course there are many reasons that this task can be fun, even a rite, but in relationships online is a task that becomes boring, and they may be considered a waste of time.

There is the option of doing oneself or another to do it for the first time, no matter the option, the technique is the same:

Step one:

Do not try to remove the pubic hair with a razor. You need to cut first, using scissors. Remove with them as much as possible, but you do well to get shaving only go by removing the hair longer, it will be more painful and quickly need to change razor. That means the process will be more painful and less effective.

Step Two:



After the hair has been cut as much as possible will need to prepare for the shaving. Para conseguir un buen afeitado- es decir una superficie totalmente lisa, prevenir espinillas e irritaciones, será necesaria esta preparación.

It is best to first take a long hot bath or shower, the more water you use the better. After bathing or showering, sécate well, including the area depilar and wait.

Step Three: shaving real. Apply plenty of shaving cream. Forget creams men, some for women, but find it uses the male variety softer. Do not try to use a regular soap, it is inappropriate for genital shaving.

As you can see, you need to prepare and make purchases necessary before the first shave, also believes in the razor you will be using. Warning: The old traditional razor is totally inadequate for the genital shaving and it is actually dangerous. Need a safety razor designed to use female. La maquinilla de afeitar femenina se adapta no solamente a las curvas en el cuerpo femenino y también las láminas están protegidas con alambres finos de acero, que harán que sea imposible cortarse.

Sujeta la piel con la mano libre y afeita sin aplicar presión, mueve la maquinilla lentamente sobre la piel, en la dirección del pelo, quizás debas afeitar la misma área dos o tres veces antes de que esté totalmente lisa.

Step Four: Once you have finished wash thoroughly with hot water

Step Five: Now used oil soft baby if you want to keep your skin soft and smooth and can avoid shins. If you have sensitive skin, the cream of aloe vera (preferably with vitamin E) or for a specific product after shaving for women also is a good option, never use a male aftershave. Once you shave, grabs the habit of applying baby oil in that area daily.

If you are planning to have sex and need to use a condom to protect yourself, you need to protect the condom. The oil will cause the rubber to deteriorate and therefore will not be reliable, so you need to wash before having sex.


Once you do that once, it would be nice to have a habit of doing daily maintenance will be easier and the job relatively simple. You may need to adjust your skin to shave regularly and the area can be irritating at first. Once you are accustomed, skin adapts to "abuse" and irritation disappears.

The use of LadyShave or an electric razor male is not suitable for use in the pubic area.

Cream depilatoria

Not all hair removal products are suitable for use in the genital area. La mayoría de ellos son demasiado agresivos. Even if a product can cause mild allergic reactions in the genital area. The advantage is that it requires less maintenance.

After using a cream depilatoria in the genital area, wash thoroughly with lots of hot water and applying a cream or oil bevés and cuídala daily.

Other hair removers such as wax, can be very painful


The electrolysis is a permanent form of electric shocks to remove hair, but it is economically quite expensive.

This is not a totally painless method and some women may require prolonged or repeated treatments, which costs soar

The caliper

If you have a patient's directors, pull hair with tweezers one by one, it is an option, but it is painful and it will take several sessions.


Especially if it is your first time, you may want a "shaving design," that is not a complete genital shaving but something creative, for example leave a small triangle. It really is not difficult to make and can be fun

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