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The chest is one of the areas of the body that men want to work to be better physically, seeing more attractive and feel better. Here are some tips and exercise routines to have the best possible breastplates.

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In this article in particular are going to give a series of very useful advice when it comes to preparing for the summer, they refer in particular to the work we can do on our chest.

The chest is one of the parts of the body that most men look at the beach and one of the greatest successes with women can assure you. There are few things that can replace some pectoral well-defined and fully hardened by a well-worked muscles.

pecho peludoSurely bothers us when we are in the mirror and noticed the flabbiness in the area and could be thought of as much more attractive if only we worked a bit more in the gym.

And as we approach the summer desesperanzamos us more and more, we began to feel shame and to think that perhaps neither closer to a beach is a good idea.

Or, on the other hand, desperation attacks us to work quickly and perhaps in a couple of months to get to be as well as whether bear years and years doing chest exercises in the gym apparatus.

Of course, it is virtually impossible to replace years of work with a couple of months of effort. But we can achieve to be a little better than we are now, with a few months of good use of the gymnasium, carrying out certain exercises, which are the ones who are going to list below and are undoubtedly the most effective in this area work.

The pectoral perfect

If what we want to achieve is to have a big chest to be holiday, then the best thing we can do is take into account everything that we say in this article. Only we have to be smart in what we do and how we do it.



The best thing is to select four of the exercises that you present, and based on the routine arming them that we will continue to achieve these goals we are talking about.

Of course, we must always bear in mind that is what we are working when we select the exercises. Efforts should be made to achieve (or rather, it should be doing, not just treat it) that all the different areas of the trunk muscles are worked, not just some of them.

bigs pecsWith this and doing, as we said, three or four sets of eight to twelve repetitions each, with weights suitable for between four and six weeks, and then going to another four years, we can get in shape to be perfect during the summer.

With this in mind we just say, surely we will be aware of that if we have some kind of success in the summer season, which is we should start working as soon as possible to achieve this physical state that both want. Therefore, without giving more turns, we are going directly to the list of tips and exercises that will help us.


A final important clarification before get right into the routine of exercises. Depending on qu is what we want to achieve, how we should carry out the exercises varies.

This is not the same if we are to achieve size, increase the size of our pectoral muscles and win that if our efforts are focused on achieving a more stylized physical and invigorated that armed.

Should what we are looking for is the first thing, then what we have to do is to make every effort in our work, making more short series of repetitions (usually the best recommendation is to be between five and eight repetitions per set) but with a lot more weight. Moreover, we should bear weights with so much weight as it is possible to lift.

If, on the contrary, what we are trying to do is get the second, or stylized physical and invigorated, without so much mass, so we must try to work is less concentrated and worked hard but more durable in time and pace.

Basically, what we have to do is lengthen the series of repetitions (in this case the standard is to conduct a series of eight to twelve repetitions, rather than the five to eight of the previous method), but with lower weights, we do not have much problem in lifting and that only towards the end of the series will start making expensive to use for the job.

As we can see, these are two distinct methods of work, but both are effective in their own way and characteristics. It is upon us to decide which is the one that we are interested in trying.

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