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This is a group open to all gay men in the world (more than 18 age) , sharing, friendship, photos and brief stories of the most "in" in the world.Talking about things that we enjoy and make us happy.

Here you will be a part of the select group Chics ACH, where The most important thing is that we communicated, we spend a good time together,meeting as, learnig how we behave gays, with our tips and customs along and bulk of the world.

Rules of the group:

The exchanges of views should be with argument, not with a pen pal aimed at denigrating the interlocutor.
The discussions, personal fierce, are made by private courier.

It is not permitted discrimination: race, color, national, language, education, religion or politics.

Are not allowed pictures or videos or stories of children, paedophilia, child abuse, sex with animals or any image or sexually aberrant.


I want to be a Guy ACH
ACH Semanario

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These are our gallerys:

Hairy - Clean - Ass - Tatto - Black -
And every week a new albun post for a month

Knowing other Chicos ACH

Hundreds of Boys ACH joined every day in our group, Meet people, make friends, match or just have casual sex. To this end you can find a database, where you can write With some characteristics about yourself and contact with others members on the list

Share views and photos

There is no question that play and discuss without falling into offenses or ridicule on the views of the other Solitude, the joy, artists and athletes we heated, the things that anger us ... everything we here to listen to views . We also share pictures of boys spectacular, the albuns private in each store favorites


Surveys of all kinds, just for fun and learn things that we like and not more.

We continue to grow

Each day the group grows more and more, getting input from all parts of the world. This means that there will always be something new unexpected

What we do not like

The bad wave, wanting to sow discord and the intolerant especially gays homophobic.