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The Bubble

THE BUBBLE (2.006) is the story of 3 young Israelis, two guys and a girl, who share an apartment on Sheinkin St, in the heart of the Tel Aviv's coolest neighborhood.

The Bubble

Noam (Ohad Knoller) sells CD's at "The Third Ear" a famous alternative music store, while Lulu (Danialla Wircer) works at "Grandma's Soap store" and Yali (Alon Friedman) runs "Orna and Ella" the street's hip caf?.

During the days they all work hard, sneaking cigarette breaks in the back yard, or smoking pot on some rooftop. In the evenings they go out to drink, look for sex, or just stay at home staring at whatever's on TV. They don't care about the country's problems or the conflicts of the Middle East. But when they hang out at Alon's caf? they make sure they don't sit by the window. It's not that they are afraid of suicide bombers, but better be safe than sorry.

Their escapist life will change forever when Noam falls in love with Ashraf (Yossef Sweid), a Palestinian guy he briefly meets while doing his reserve duty at a check point in the west bank. Ashraf escapes the horrors of his life and comes to Tel Aviv. The three Israelis decide to illegally hide him in their apartment and make him part of their family. The young Palestinian is taken by the permissive energetic city life of his new lover and friends. At times, it seems, they could change the world they live in, but as their story unravels, so does the bitter truth - their love and friendship cannot withhold the harsh realities of their existence.


"That's why I created this bubble," Fox says of the sex-and-latte world-within-a-world in which the film is set. "Because the reality of Israel for young people is just so overwhelming."

Fox, 43, born in New York, moved to Israel at age 2 and has known he was gay for as long as he can remember. It didn't stop him having to do military service when he turned 18, which coincided with the first Israeli-Lebanese war.

"Yes, it was hell," he says, "but every Israeli man has his war, and I don't know what's better, to be part of this Intifada thing and become a policeman of civilians or going to war with an enemy that is clear and its soldiers. Because it's the army of the people, everybody has to go. They'll say, 'We don't care if you're gay. It's your duty.' Which I think is good. I don't think armies or the war situation is good, but if that's the case, everyone should participate."

It's quite a different take from the U.S. military approach.

"It is. I don't know if in Israeli commando units you have a lot of people going around bragging about the fact that they're gay, but it's a lot more easygoing," Fox says. "And the army is showing 'Yossi & Jagger' to soldiers now, so that's good."


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