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Dorian Blues

Dorian Blues is a 2004 comedy film about a gay teenager coming to terms with his identity in upstate New York. The film was written and directed by Tennyson Bardwell and is loosely based on Bardwell's college roommate

Dorian Blues

Dorian realizes he is gay in his final year of high school. He meets another gay youth locally, but remains confused. He starts therapy, then resorts to confession in the Church, and finally comes out to his brother. The latter teaches him how to fight and tries to have him spend a night with a prostitute, to make him become straight, to no avail. Dorian then decides to come out to his father; he gets kicked out of the house. He moves to New York City and finds a boyfriend, but he gets dumped after two months. His brother visits him and they learn their father has died of a heart attack. At the funeral, his mother tells him she regrets not stopping his father from being angry with him.

But nothing is ever easy in love. Unlike Laurent, Cedric is out - with a vengeance. Cedric refuses to live his life in secret, and he is annoyed by the lengths Laurent will go to pretend he is straight. Before long, the tension between them comes to a boil. A catalyst for both chaos, and consequent healing, is Cedric's mother, Emma. Let's just say that her misguided good intentions prove disastrous and leave it there for the audience to discover the rest of the film themselves.

Dorian Blues won eight awards at the first nine film festivals it screened at and has just won its fourteenth award.

Dorian Blues won the AUDIENCE AWARD and the EMERGING MAVERICK DIRECTOR'S AWARD at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose where it had its World Premiere. Dorian Blues won a SPECIAL JURY AWARD at the Ft. Laurderdale Film Festival, the AUDIENCE AWARD at the Lake Placid Film Festival and BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD at NewFest in New York City, which was sponsored by the Writers Guild East. Dorian Blues won the AUDIENCE AWARD for BEST FIRST FEATURE at OutFest which included a $5,000 cash award sponsored HBO. Dorian Blues also won the AUDIENCE AWARD BEST FEATURE FILM at the Long Island International Film Forum and the AUDIENCE AWARD at the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. At the Bahamas International Film Festival Dorian Blues won the TORCHLIGHT BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD sponsored by New York University. Dorian Blues just won is the AUDIENCE AWARD the 2005 Out Far! Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in Pheniox Arizona. In Turino Italy AUDIENCE and BEST FILM AWARD were awarded to Dorian Blues. And most recently the AUDIENCE AWARD at film festival in Copanhagen, Denmark



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Dorian Blues