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A drama spiced with a great sense of humor ...
Speaking of "gay cinema" is talk of a gender variant as diverse as human feelings. And LIMBO is just that: feelings burst.


Certainly here gentleness, innocence and self are the raw material of a deeply human story, where the viewer is invited to live a rewarding experience, which has much to do with learning to accept oneself and learning to accept who we are surround.

Krámpack - Nico and DaniLimbo is the protagonist in a ten year old boy whose sensitivity and extraordinary natural beauty, take him to get in trouble for a number of other amazing and fun.  And that is what gives a fascinating character to our character. A child such as "emo," which is about to enter adolescence and has barely begun to be known and recognized himself.

In Limbo, his second feature, Horacio Rivera returns to the film with a deeply human story.  A story of endearing characters and universal values.  A genre film, fresh and surprising, which promises not to leave anyone indifferent.  Ultimately, Rivera's experience in advertising and marketing, as well as writing, producing and filmmaking, is the basis of Limbo, a global film, the style of low budget independent film addressed to young audiences.

Limbo has participated in several international festivals including Festival de Cine de Bogota, Colombia, "Bogocine 2008," Gay Film Festival de la UNAM, and the Festival To date. International Latino Film Los Angeles, where he received an Honorable Mention by the jury.


Recently the film has been invited to participate in the "G Fest" in Philadelphia at the Gay Film Festival Hamburg, Germany, and the "LGBT" in San Francisco, known as the gay film festival bigger and oldest in the world.

A universal story ...

LIMBO presents different issues and universal values to which court the gay and heterosexual spectators from different territories will be fully identified. Definitely the "high concept" of this story is accepted, understood as tolerance to ourselves and defend our beliefs and feelings to the censorship of the world. Un mundo feroz. A fierce world.

LIMBO of the public who are directly impacting youth between 15 and 35 years. It is not that the adults can not be interesting but the characters, music, anecdotes, and generally LIMBO of the Universe, is the energy and rebelliousness of teenagers. These adolescents regardless of their nationality, race or religion, are wondering what the hell do in this life, those kids who doubted their sexuality, suffering, love and ultimately have the nerve to discover themselves and face their fate .

LIMBO is full of lessons and truths: exploring the human kindness and cruelty, friendship, and the awakening of sex and love, the discovery of death in its most breathtaking aspect, the search for peace as a way of life ; violence as a form of death ... In short, all this and more is hidden in the recesses of this story. A story that goes straight to the heart and then to the right.


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