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Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

Cute, gay, hip, smart and funny, this romantic comedy makes for enjoyable viewing.


Director: Tommy O'Haver

Producer:David Moseley

Screenwriter: Tommy O'Haver

Stars: Sean P. Hayes, Brad Rowe, Richard Ganoung, Meredith Scott Lynn, Matthew Ashford, Armando Valdes-Kennedy

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss is a 1998 independent, gay-themed, romantic comedy film written and directed by Tommy O'Haver and starring Sean Hayes, Brad Rowe, Richard Ganoung and Meredith Scott Lynn. The film was a breakthrough performance for Hayes, who would go from this film to his role as Jack McFarland on the hit television show Will & Grace.

A handsome goateed photographer, the tale follow's our hapless hero's quest for Mr. Right. Frustrated by a succession of hot, but unfullfilling one-night stands, Billy thinks that he's found the man of his dreams in the person of local café waiter Gabriel (Brad Rowe), an eerie Brad Pitt look-alike who may or may not be gay himself. Gaining support from his helpful roommate Georgina (Meredith Scott Lynn), Billy tries mightily to win the heart of his dreamy object of affection. We follow Billy's often frantic attempts to figure out whether Gabriel might be interested in him romantically. The highpoint is a hilarious scene with the two men in bed together. A perfect gay date movie.


The film is punctuated with Billy's fantasy sequences of himself and Gabriel in pastiches of romantic film scenes, including the aforementioned From Here to Eternity and the films of Fred Astaire. Billy carries a Polaroid camera with him everywhere, and his reminiscences are illustrated with Polaroid photographs. The film in fact opens with such a monologue, with Billy relying on a series of Polaroids while relating how he grew up gay "in a small town in Indiana, where there's plenty of corn, fast cars, and straights. Lots and lots of straights. I mean, a lot." Billy's opening narrative demonstrates his awareness that he is in a film and breaking the fourth wall.

Several scenes in the movie are backed up by classic songs of bygone times sung by famous and lesser known divas; these are lip-synced by more or less the same troupe of drag queens, a running gag throughout the film.


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