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10 tips for a happy relationship
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It’s not working. Your relatoinship with your partner is not the same. What can you do? These days more than 50% of all marriages or couples, fail for some reason. Usually the marriages are because of too much criticism over money or the routine.

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Happy couple gayOften when people break off their relationship, something is missing. The “spark” has gone out of the partnership/commitment.

People who have been married or in couple a long time made a decision to love their partner and work at their commitment.

Perhaps these 10 tips will help you spruce up and lighten up your relationship.

1. Lighten up! Yes, don’t get so serious all the time and break the tension. Poke fun at yourself and your partner.

2. No Arguments. You two may be different in your opinions in areas like politics and religion, avoid those topics. Talk about things you enjoy and have in common.

3. Time For Each Other. Set up specific times when you can get together. It doesn’t matter what you do; shopping, errands, movie, events. Put it on your calendar and make sure you keep the appointment.

4. Start Over. Remember when you first met? What sparked the relationship? Were you doing new and exciting things together? Well, do it again.

5. Forgive Each Other. Before you forgive your partner, forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves another chance. Get over it and get on with your lives.

6. Touch. Your body loves to be touched. Do it for your partner; play with their hair, rub their hand, a soft kiss, a pat on the leg, back rubs, foot rubs. But do it in an affectionate way, not sexual.

7. Some space. Being together all the time may be cramping you and your partner’s style. Spend some time apart. Let him go to the gym or song classes, while you go to the library or a concert.


pareja de hombres8. Predictable. Same ole, same ole. Day after day. Bored? A creative a habit? Or you get into a habit/schedule, break it! Do something on the spur of the moment. Surprise your partner and do it together.

9. Secret Getaway. Plan a trip or a place, where the two of you can be alone. Take your time and enjoy each other. Take it slow and make it romantic.

10. Communicate. A lot of times when relationships are having problems, the talk stops. Here is where you need to learn to listen to each other. Each of you should be able to just talk about anything and everything. Don’t make any judgments. Listen. Let down your guard, no yelling or arguing. Just talk to each other.



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