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The benefits of make love
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Many and unknown. The truth is worth knowing that enjoy good sexuality will allow us to aspire to be more long-lived.

pareja de hombres


Feliz pareja gayLook younger and happier during the transit every day. So, explain the connoisseurs, make love at least three times per week we extend life expectancy an average of ten years.

There are couples who are frightening because it after the first few years of marriage sexual frequency decreases. But after scientific studies revealing the real reason for the concern should lie in the loss of health benefits due to the lack of sex. How so?. Now you explain! Well there are a number of benefits emanating from a good sex life. And, in addition to pleasure and its natural erotic connotations, sexual arousal and orgasm can improve respiratory capacity, the benefit Cardiovascular system, counter depression and anxiety, help alleviate pain, provide flexibility, strength and muscle tone, reduce symptoms associated with , arthritis and osteoporosis and, as if that were not enough, you achieve significant psychological benefits.


The process is achieved because in the sexual act are released a number of biochemicals that favor the prospect of a longer and healthier life. Everything stems from sexual desire?.
As the excitement organ endorfina secret, a substance associated with the sense of pleasure that reaches its highest expression during orgasm. During this phase, the man releases oxytocin, a substance responsible for uterine contractions. At cardiovascular shows an increase of the pulsations of the heart and blood flow increased, mainly to the genital region that tends to fill up with blood and dilate for intercourse.



Just ten years no one knew for a fact it claims were correct as to the virtues of sex. This was the great cuestionamien to a group of doctors, headed by Dr. George Davey-Smith and his colleagues at the University of Bristol.
Until that time the relationship between sex and mortality was very little studied.

pareja de hombresHowever, some initial inquiries had suggested that perhaps there was a connection between masturbation and longevity.
Motivated to discover the scientific basis that such assertions confirmed the team was ready to work. One study included 918 British men between 45 and 59 years of age. All of them were clinical history, a medical checkup and were asked about the frequency of sexual activity.

After ten years of monitoring the sex life and the health status of each of the involved parties, it was concluded that the higher was the "fre quency orgasmic" were more likely to be healthy and that the probability of dying was 50 percent lower among men who have sex only twice a week nu, compared with those who did so once a month, more prone to disease.




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