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Passion spell
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Stories and legends from the past have told us of various plants, spices and foods that seemed to act as sexual stimulants. Collectively these compounds, regardless of their sources are known as aphrodisiacs, after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. 

  Passion spell  

Many of these aphrodisiacs also have strong psychedelic effects and have been used in magic rituals to establish contacts with gods, spirits, ancestors, past and future, during shamanic healing sessions, for prophecy, and to heal many diseases.

Sex drive in both men and women can be enhanced with herbs. The herbs and spices below can help achieve longer pasions. Regardless of their validity, aphrodisiacs have plenty of evidence by happy users to support their claims. Even modern science has begun to discover the benefits of many of these aphrodisiacs on the human libido.

However, careful research and great care should be taken before any sort of self-experimentation, some of these herbs and foods are very, very potent.

The contents on this page are informational only! Experiment at your own risk!

Asafetida - This Central Asian spice is also a mild stimulant. Asafetida can be eaten or burned as an incense and is considered the best aphrodisiac from Tibetan Medicine.

Ashwagandha - is considered the king of herbs and is also India's most potent hot plant. It is used equally by men and women, widely prescribed by physicians for adults with low libid and to improve sexual function.

Belladonna - Atropa Belladonna is known as Nightshade or the "witch's plant," The Greek Thessalian witches combine Belladonna root with wine to make powerful love drinks. Fresh berries are eaten, leaves smoked. However, an overdose will lead to death via respiratory paralysis.

Betel palm - Areca Catechu is a strong stimulant. Betel seeds are eaten, which contain alkaloids that have a stimulating effect on the entire body. Betel seed is a traditional aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine.

Borrachero - A strong inebriant from Columbia. An aphrodisiac decoctions is made from the fresh leaves. All parts of the plant contain highly active tropane alkaloids, with 80% scopolamine.

Calamus -Stimulant in high doses, but also a skin irritant. Calamus oil can be added to tea or even better, a bath to promote "hard carrots".


Passion spellCardamom is a sensual spice considered to have aphrodisiac properties. With a peculiar nature; it cools the body when it is hot, and warms it when it is cold. Cleopatra is said to have used cardamom in her baths.

Cayenne - Also known as capsicum, it plays a very large role in blood circulation. When cayenne is ingested, it dilates blood vessels. This allows increased blood flow throughout the body, especially in the major organs. The male penis benefits greatly from the ingestion of cayenne. It is a widely held belief that cayenne aids in longer lasting to harden, with stronger placer and more intense orgasms.

Cistanches - One of the more popular and more potent, yin-yang tonic herbs is found in many formulas designed to strengthen good bed function.

And much more.

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