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vv    Romain Duris vv Tematic Movie: Limbo vv   Music Johnny Dangerous

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Romain DurisBorn on May 28, 1974 in Paris, son of an engineer, architect father, Duris studied arts at university.

He was noticed in the street by a casting director whilst waiting in a queue in 1993 and offered a part in the 1994 Cédric Klapisch film Le péril jeune.   

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Johnny Dangerous
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Gay Recibe Brasil
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Gladiator´s chest
The chest is one of the areas of the body that men want to work to be better physically, seeing more attractive and feel better,...

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Novak Djokovic
  Sergio Lara Acosta, was elected at the end of the spectacular Gala event which took place on the stage of the Plaza de Vazquez de Mella in Madrid Orgullo (MADO).

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gay couple
In the twenty-first century it seems that we all want to be stars, that our image is known by thousands, and have our own fan clubs.

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